Sellers FAQs

Q. Where do I start? 

A. If you want to sell your motorhome you can start by giving us a call. We can guide you through our process. 

Q. Why should I use The Motorhome Collection?

A. The Motorhome Collection was created to enable private sellers to maximise the resale value of their motorhomes. Using this service is a way for you to get more for your motorhome than if you were to part exchange or sell to a dealer. 

You will attract more buyers as they will be happier to part with large sums of money if they know they are protected in some way.  Buyers money will be protected by the financial services compensation scheme.  

Q. Are there any Upfront costs? 

A. No. There are no costs upfront, we advertise your motorhome for free. 

Q. How does The Motorhome Collection make its money?

A. We make our money once we successfully sell your motorhome. We make a small margin on the final selling price, which will be pre-agreed.

Q. Is payment safe and how do I get paid for my motorhome? 

A. Yes. With the rise of fraud and money laundering we, at The Motorhome Collection, take this very seriously. We use a ‘Client Account’ which is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to the value of £84,000. 

Please Get in Touch If You Have Any Further Questions